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"All I love, I love alone." - Edgar Allan Poe

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We drifted into
Where have we gone?
A question asked
One times too many
But where did we start?

There is always going to be those few people you will encounter throughout this frigid cold thing we call life that, at some point, made you forget about the pain and all it’s negativity. No matter how hard you try to erase them from your memory, they remain there - they always will.

I know I have my few.

And so it was told
That the soul
Of her cold,
Built it’s home
Where she’d grow
But in time -
It was sold.

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she-whispers: "your playlist. I love."

You! I love. I miss being on tumblr all the time and readying your stuff waaaaa. Sorry for the veryyyyyyyy late reply.


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as we bend our bodies in the night
and trace our fingertips
on the other’s lips
her hands fit mine
like time
on the face of a clock
as it strikes
and when the seconds wind down -
there will be a moment
where I will stare
at the wrinkles
stretching across my palms
and see

- CC

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